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I have been reading at least two books a week for the last couple of months. I had forgotten how much love to read. i started making weekly trips to the library with my baby. i have been reading books by Lori Wick. i own several of her books. The ones I own i have read many times, but there are a lot I don’t own and had only read once. It is fun rediscovering stories I had forgotten about. After I finish all her books I am going to reread Janette Oke’s. I don’t own any of hers so it has been a long time since I have read them. The problem with spending my time reading is I haven’t had time to blog.

I have many things that I could write about, but when I do have the time I just haven’t felt like it. It makes me kind of sad that I haven’t taken time to write anything down. This past month I made my son’s halloween costume, made my dog a costume, sewn several burp cloths, gone on walks, watched t.v., cuddled with my husband, taken care of my son, washed lots of laundry, made supper every night and lunch on days that my husband is home, washed a lot of dishes, cleaned, visited with family, watched band competitions, started buying Christmas presents, gone to the pumpkin patch, gone to the doctor, taken my son to the doctor for shots, discovered that no matter how small teeth hurt!, started the baby on table food, and read eight books.

Wow, I guess I have been busy,

I really enjoyed going to the pumpkin patch.




I have also enjoyed our new schedule. We now only take two naps a day, but the afternoon nap is from 11:30-1:30, sometimes longer. And the evening one is about 30 minutes around 4:30. He eats breakfast around 10, and supper about 6. I enjoyed having several naps, but with him having one longer nap I can get so much more done. However, starting next week every thing is changing as I will be babysitting two 4 year olds in the afternoon! What have I gotten myself into!?

Hopefully, I will get back into the blogging mood, I have several blogs rolling around in my head that I need to take time to write out.

P.S. Since the new iPad update my shift button doesn’t always work, sorry about all the lowercase “I’s”. I try to catch them, but sometimes I still miss them.