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Today my son turned 6 months old.  I have been trying to decide if I am happy or sad about it and I am choosing to be happy (half full.)  I never imagined what having a baby would be like.  Raising him has been the most challenging yet rewarding experience.

Slapping his knee

Slapping his knee

He was really good for our photo session today.  The only problem was he would smile AFTER the flash.  My camera is really slow so I was never able to capture the really cute smile =(

Look how much he has grown!

Look how much he has grown!

He really changed a lot in the last month.  He got two teeth in and is now crawling on his knees.  I still haven’t gotten a good picture of the teeth, but they do show in a few of the pictures.



Front teeth, this is the best picture I have gotten so far of them

Front teeth

Current Likes: Baths, eating, crawling, being tickled, being tossed in the air, his jump-a-roo, the iPad, being held, drinking from a sippy cup, straws, oatmeal (sometimes), spoons, and of course his mom.

Current Dislikes: Getting stuck under the coffee table, having his face wiped, naps, and being alone in the room.

Current Accomplishments:  Sitting, crawling, getting from sitting to crawling, standing with support, jumping in jump-a-roo.

The verdict is still out: Dogs (he is getting a lot better about small dogs as long as they don’t bark, but he still doesn’t like our big dog.)


Smiles, and teeth!!

At times I feel like we just got home from the hospital and other times it seems like it was so long ago.  I am so thankful to my husband who works very hard so that I get to stay home and enjoy our son.

Advice: Don’t compare your baby’s growth on other babies.  They all grow and develop at very different rates.