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His first tooth is through!

First Tooth!

First Tooth!

You can’t actually see it in pictures yet, but it is there.  I think it popped through during the day because I didn’t notice it until 4:00.  I was so excited I tried to call everyone…but no one answered!  I finally got a hold of my sister.  Then I went to the grocery store and had to tell the clerk.

I am excited but not at the same time.  It is just one more thing that proves he is growing too fast!  He didn’t stay a baby for one second.  He is going to be a toddler before I know it!


He takes pictures like his father…with his eyes closed!

The bottom right tooth isn’t going to be far behind.  I was thankful that we got through his first tooth without too much drama.  A little less sleep and a little grumpiness, but overall it wasn’t bad.  

Advice:  When your baby is teething check everyday for the tooth or you might miss it!