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Saving money is hard.  To help make it easier I started researching ways to save.  I found that my grocery store has printable manufacture’s coupons, so before I go shopping I always check the website.  I also wanted to save money on every day items.

I found that Amazon had the cheapest price on diapers, so I checked lots of other items.  Amazon has a “subscribe and  save” option.  I started looking for household items that we needed.  Some things were not a better deal, like contact solution.  But I found four items that were cheaper on Amazon, then when I subscribed I saved another 15%!

The great thing about it is you can subscribe, save, and then cancel.

My subscribe and save items!

My subscribe and save items!

I was super excited about getting this box of items.  I love that the items are actually larger quantities than what I could get at the store.  The diaper genie refills are larger, the toothpaste has more plus a flip top, and the diapers are a larger quantity than what I can get at the store.

Advice:  Always compare prices.  Search for coupons.

*Disclaimer:  I was not reimbursed for any of these purchases.  Amazon did not endorse this post.  All content is 100% my opinion/experience.