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I had been wondering why I hadn’t had time to blog or sew.  Then I came to a simple answer: my husband.

I love that he works days now, he is never going back to nights, but when he worked nights I had evenings to myself.  Now I spend my days taking care of the baby.  My husband comes home and we eat supper, then I have to clean up the dishes.  Then it is time for me to get the baby fed and to bed.  Before I know it, it is time to go to bed.  Too early because my husband works early in the morning.


On his nights that he doesn’t work the next day he expects me to play SWTOR with him on the computer.  I don’t mind playing, even though I am not that good at it, but it isn’t really what I want to do.  He used to play with a friend online but since he went to days their time off to play hardly ever coincides.  

I got a night off from playing tonight and was able to sew and now blog.  I still think he would rather I was playing with him, but after dying so many times last night and having to re-travel to where I needed to be I was frustrated.

Oh, today our baby showed us that he can now sit without using his hands on the floor/legs for support!  Yay!  I actually got some of it on video =)

Advice:  Find time for yourself when you can, but remember, making someone else happy can make you happy too.