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I am ready for this late summer heat wave to end.  I want to be able to go outside.  I do not like to sweat.  I have not been able to get outside for a walk in weeks.  I was enjoying our morning walks, but when it is almost 90 by 10:00 a walk is out of the question.

Right now it is raining.  This spring we did not want any more rain!  The fields were flooded, the rivers over flowing.  Then this summer was dry, no rain.  Hopefully the rain showers now will help cool it down.  I would like it to get to highs of 75 and stay there.  I love Fall.

The good thing about not having any rain is how little we had to mow.  At first I was mowing every week.  Then we mowed once (maybe twice) in July and didn’t mow at all in August.  When the leaves fall we will be mowing to mulch them up, but it won’t be to cut the dead grass.

I washed all the 6-9 month clothes today and there was this cute hoodie.  I sort of have a thing for boys in hoodies =)

On a side note, I have been so hungry today.  I ate three meals and two snacks!