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A few weeks ago I decided that my baby and I needed to get on a schedule.  Up to this point every day was different.  I needed to be able to plan my day so I could get more done.  And so the fun began.

My baby ate every two hours during the day.  This was getting very taxing on me.  At four months I decided he was ready to go to a three-hour schedule.  I warned my husband that it wasn’t going to be easy and that I would really need his help to hold the baby off.  But I was wrong.  He was as ready for the change as I was.  It took less than one day to get him to a three-hour schedule!  I was so glad.  I knew that if he would hold off he could eat more at one time and be satisfied for a little longer, and it worked. 102_7905

Now that I had a three-hour feeding schedule the rest fell into place.  My baby likes to sleep in, so I included that into the schedule.  Our typical day goes as follows:

6:00–Feeding then back to sleep

9:00–Feeding, get up and get dressed

10:00–Morning nap (1/2 hour)

10:30-12:00–Play, go for a walk, sing, read, etc.


12:30-2:00–Nap (This is the only part that isn’t consistent.  Sometimes nap is shorter and sometimes longer)

2:00–Diaper change then play time

3:00–Feeding then 1/2 nap

3:30–Play outside, color, etc.


7:00–Nap (1/2 hour)

7:30–Daddy’s home!  Play with daddy =)

8:30 Mon, Thurs, Sat–Bath time

9:00–Evening meal

9:30–Sleep time

I am so thankful there is some predictability in our schedule now.  If he is fussing I can figure out why.  I look at the clock and know what he needs.  This makes for a lot less crying in the house and stress on mom.  He also has been putting himself to sleep for his naps.  Before, he would put himself to sleep at bedtime, but not for naps.  This helps me a lot too!

Advice:  If your life allows don’t try scheduling too early.  Wait until you notice patterns already and then set the schedule.