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There is a little bit of country girl inside of me. I love bugs. It drives my husband crazy when I stop on a walk to look at the bug crossing the sidewalk. I just think they are fascinating. (Spiders are not bugs, I hate Spiders, fyi.)

Disclaimer: I am not a scientist. I am not going to use scientific terms. Please don’t judge me for it =)

I was out with the dog when he accidentally knocked a Cicada off a post. It was still in its shell and ready to come out. I felt bad for it and I didn’t want the dog to eat it so I got the dog to move away. That is when I noticed the tree. On the tree we had a Cicada emerging from its skin. I was so excited.


I got a picture of it as it was coming out, but it was really blurry. This is after it is out and while it dries his wings.

I then found a Cicada on the ground with broken wings. Later, with the baby, I moved him to the trunk hoping he would make it to his family up in the tree.

Here is the Cicada in his skin, but getting ready to come out.


You could see through the skin and see his wings. It was pretty cool. Later when I came out he was gone, with only his shell left behind.

When I brought the baby outside after his nap I showed him the Cicada. He wasn’t too sure of it. He did reach out for it though so I let him feel the wings.

I also found an interesting bug on a vine that was growing up the fence. The bugs looked like a bunch of eggs. But I noticed they were moving, and not because of the wind. I looked closer and saw they had little black legs. I didn’t get a picture of them =( I had my husband look at them later. They were very interesting. I just tried to Google search for them, but didn’t see anything that was similar. I might have to do a little research on them. **Edit** I got a little freaked out about the yellow bug after my husband said they looked like ticks! So I did some research. They are Aphids. This is the site that I found the info. on them http://hortchat.com/info/aphids. Thankfully they are not ticks!**

I am hoping my children grow up with an interest in the little things around them. Especially when it comes to bugs. I will continue to be fascinated by all the things God has put into nature. And I will continue to show my children them and talk about them. Sorry honey, I still love bugs!