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Somehow we have survived the first 4 months.  It has been a wild ride.


Our 4 month photo shoot did not go very well.  He was rolling everywhere and very unhappy the entire time.  It took several different settings to get any decent pictures.

We took a few outside after dad got home from work.102_7852

He wasn’t too thrilled to be in the tree.


A lot has changed in the last month.

  • He is now “pre-teething” (No teeth are coming in yet, but he is chewing on everything, and slobbering like crazy.)
  • He can roll over both ways, but is more proficient at back to front.  Then he gets mad he is on his belly.
  • He can almost sit by himself.  He still leans a little too much and falls over.
  • He notices when he is left alone in the room.  He normally lets me know he notices by crying (exception is at bedtime.)
  • He has a killer grasp on things (my hair, neck, face, clothes, toys, blanket, etc.)  I really have to keep his nails trimmed.  He got me really good in the face yesterday.


Current likes:  Bath time, kisses, peek-a-boo, his duck toy, chewing on anything, watching t.v., walks, eating, watching me blow dry my hair, and his jumparoo.

Current dislikes: Getting buckled into his car seat, waking up in a room by himself, having his face touched, being laid down for his diaper change, and our dog.

We were looking at my husband’s baby book and his mom wrote that “Cory loves his bath but hates having his face wiped.”  Hmm, sounds familiar =)  It amazes me at how much like his dad our baby is.  You would think he would be more like me because he spends more time with me.  But he is just like his dad.



He kept eating his tie.  I let him because at least he wasn’t crying.

Here is a picture to show how big he has gotten.



He has his four-month check-up and shots next week.  Best I can figure he is now a little over 16 lbs, and about 26 inches long.  We will get the official from the doctor.  My estimates put him about 75th on weight and 90th on length.  He is a big boy.

He is awake now and not going to sit nicely in my lap any longer.  So I guess this post is done.

Advice: Even if you are not a journal-er, find a way to keep track of milestones.  I am currently keeping track as a note on the iPad.  When I am ready I can transfer it all to his baby book.