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Two weeks ago my baby rolled front to back by himself.  I was so excited.  He did it one time, then nothing.  I really thought that he had it figured out.

Well, today he was so close to rolling back to front.  I was working on it with him, laying next to him to encourage him to roll the rest of the way.  But instead he went back to his back =(  I was disappointed.

He almost got it.  His arm kept getting stuck.

He almost got it. His arm kept getting stuck.

A little while later I laid him on the floor and went to the kitchen for a few minutes.  I came back in and he had rolled to his stomach!  I was very excited.  Then immediately sad because I missed it!

He rolled over!  Yay!

He rolled over! Yay!

Today he rolled back to front a total of three times.  I missed it every time!  You would think I would have noticed at least once, but every time I would look he would go back to his back.  So I guess he is a secret roller.  He just likes to confuse me, “Didn’t I lay him down on his back?”

Now I really have to pay attention when I put him down to sleep because he has figured out how to get onto his stomach, but not how to get off it.  This is going to make me really nervous.  I really hope he gets good at rolling both ways so I don’t have to worry so much.

Advice:  Don’t leave the room, your baby will learn things while you are gone! =)