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I just wanted to fold the laundry.  It wasn’t that much, about 4 loads.  Every time I laid the baby down to get some of it done he would cry.  Isn’t there an easier way to get housework done?  Now I have a headache.  Thankfully, the baby is sitting peacefully in his highchair watching his dad make supper so I could get the laundry done.

Some days housework is easier than others.  This past week I haven’t gotten much of anything done.  It is hard enough to get supper ready, doing the dishes too?  Not happening until the baby is asleep.

I should get up earlier and get things done.  But every time I have tried that, he wakes up early.  Right now he is sleeping until 8:00, which is great.  But if I leave the bedroom to do work I wake him up and then the two-hour feeding schedule begins.

So, how do I get the housework done?  It is all about teamwork.  If it weren’t for my husband I wouldn’t ever get anything done!  He doesn’t really help with the work, but he watches the baby for me.  That way when he starts to cry (the baby) then I don’t have to immediately stop what I am doing to get him.  It is amazing at what I can get done in an extra five or ten minutes.

The downside to that is that is time that my husband and I don’t get to spend together.  So I try to limit how long I work while he is home.

Okay, I better get back to work! =)