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I have never seen a baby watch t.v., until now.  Mine will stare and watch intently, as if he knows what is going on.  It didn’t happen on purpose.  I would be holding him while watching and he would turn towards the screen.  Now, he will do anything to watch it, including turning his entire body!


He really wanted to watch Reba with me! His jungle mat (as we call it) just was not interesting enough.


Of course I don’t want him to watch it, but the only way to stop him is to not have it on if he is in the room and that isn’t going to happen!

I really hope this isn’t a sign of later choices.  I want him to want to play outside, do art, sing and dance, etc.  I do not want him throwing fits because I turned off “his favorite show!”  I have heard statistics about children and technology.  I know it is important to limit the amount of “screen time” a child gets.  I just don’t want to limit my time!

Once he is able to do more I have great plans to play outside with him, do art projects, cooking experiments, etc.  But it is so hard right now because he can’t even sit up by himself.  We did go outside and lay on a blanket the other day.  He got his feet in the grass and wasn’t too sure about it.  I plan on doing this as often as I can.

Hopefully he grows to love being outside and doesn’t even think about the t.v.!