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Prettiest Eyes Award

Prettiest Eyes Award

My son won prettiest eyes (0-6 month boy) at our local 4th of July celebration.  When we got off stage I handed the award to my husband and said, “This is yours, he didn’t win it from me.”

I have dark brown eyes, but my husband has beautiful blue eyes.  Our son took after him.  Before dating my husband I was very partial to brown eyes.  I still tease him that he is not “my type.”

We had a very busy July 4th.  The party at our house consisted of over 25 people.  My dad fried fish and my mom cooked hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill.  The spread of food inside was huge.  I didn’t get a before picture, the entire table was full of desserts and sides before we ate, this is what was left.

Desserts (after)

Desserts (after)

We had a really good time getting together with family and friends to celebrate.  After supper we all went up to the park to watch the fireworks.


Our camera is very picky and it wouldn’t focus because it was dark out, and my husband can’t handle flash so his eyes are always closed in pictures, but this is us waiting on the fireworks.

It was a very busy, very fun day.  The cleaning before and after took about a week!  But it was worth it =)