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We had a very relaxing time on our mini-vacation (or should I say, mini-staycation.)  My husband had five days off from work so we decided to make the most of it.

On Sunday we had our son’s baby dedication.  We are so thankful to have a church that we love.

Before the dedication

Before the dedication

On Monday it was quite warm out so we decided to stay home and hang out.  We ended up eating at the restaurant.  Monday was the opening night and we just couldn’t wait!  When it was opened before we never got up there because I was pregnant and couldn’t handle eating at restaurants and then it had a fire and had to be rebuilt.  It is nice to have a place to eat out in town.

Tuesday was a video game day.  My husband plays Star Wars on the computer and had been begging me to make an account so I finally did.  It took me several days to make it off the first planet.  I am not sure how much I enjoyed it, but if it will make him happy I will play when we get the chance (mainly just after the baby is in bed.)  We spent most of the day playing that or Fortune Street on the Wii.

Wednesday we went swimming!  We were planning on going in the morning, but that didn’t work out.  We finally made it to the pool a little before four.  We lucked out and on Wednesdays parents swim free so we all got in for free!  We really enjoyed getting out of the house and doing something, so we might make it a weekly outing.  We were only there for an hour and during that time I had to feed him, so we were in the pool about 45 minutes.  (And there was no where to sit!  I thought for sure they would have a bench in the bathroom for changing but they didn’t so I ended up sitting on the floor next to the showers!  Oh the joys of breastfeeding.  By the time I am done I can probably write a book about all the uncomfortable places I have breastfed!)  It was still really nice to just be outside and not be hot!

Thursday I had a surprise for my husband.  We live less than thirty minutes away from a state park but we had never gone!  So I planned a picnic and packed the car and drove.  About 10 minutes away there was a sign to point us in the right direction so he figured out where we were going, but until then he had no clue.

The park was mainly just trees and a lake.  But there are several picnic areas and trails.  I guess I didn’t really know what to expect on the trails so we weren’t prepared.

On the trail

On the trail

The Lake

The Lake

Next time we will wear pants and shoes.  I found a tick (not attached yet) on myself later and about had a heart attack (I thought it was a spider at first and was actually relieve it was a tick instead!)

Next time we will go fishing.  I didn’t plan it for this time because I didn’t want to give away where we were going.  To go fishing we would have taken our other car and it would have been a dead give-a-way.  He actually thought we were going fishing so before he took stuff to the car he asked me which car we were taking.  I was glad to have fooled him a little =)

After the park we went to town.  It took forever at the pharmacy, so we got hungry and had to eat supper out before grocery shopping.

Now it is Friday and my husband is back at work.  I need to get back to reality too and get my house put back together.

Advice:  Make the most of the time off together.  Enjoy time in and time out of the house.