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Holding his head up

Holding his head up



Look at those blue eyes!

Look at those blue eyes!

Always precious when they are sleeping

Always precious when they are sleeping

Our baby is now three months old.  It seemed like he was two months forever!  I can’t believe how much has changed in the last month and how much is the same.

We have started to get into more of a routine of sleeping and eating.  The time changes every day but the pattern is the same.  He sleeps at least 6 solid hours during the night, normally with another set of 3 hours.  He has been fighting sleep now more than ever.  He rarely puts himself to sleep anymore =(  Which means I have to rock, pat, walk him around, pat, bounce, sway, or whatever else might work to get him to sleep.

We have a lot more awake time during the day than before.  It is hard getting used to, I had so much free time when he was always sleeping!  It is much harder to get meals prepared when he is awake.  I don’t want to be holding him while cooking so I have to wait until he is happy being down, asleep, or Cory is home.

He takes his bottle pretty well now.  That is probably because I had to start giving him one every night.  I guess I just wasn’t making enough milk to satisfy him to sleep.  So I give him a bottle every night that I pumped that morning.  It seems to work pretty well, as long as I am not lazy and actually pump.

He used to love tummy time, but he doesn’t anymore, which makes it harder for me to remember to do it.  He is still holding his head really well, though.  He has almost rolled over!  He has come really close a few times on his own.

For some reason I am not feeling very inspired to write this post!  I am sorry it seems dull.

Current likes: Holding things (hair, shirt, skin), eating, his jungle gym thing (not sure what to call it), getting his diaper changed, bath time, walks, car rides, being outside, and being held.

Favorite people: Everyone!  He doesn’t care who has him as long as he isn’t hungry!

Current dislikes: Being left alone in a room, his face wiped, our dog, getting buckled into his car seat, having a poopy diaper…I am sure there are more, I just can’t think of them right now.

Thankfully he is asleep now.  He fought it so hard…oh wait, he just woke up!  (Not kidding).

Advice:  Take pictures both horizontally and vertically of the same pose.  That way you get good pictures both ways and can fill your frames!