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I was so excited to get to go swimming for the first time this summer.  I really thought my baby would LOVE it because he just loves taking baths.  Well, he didn’t really enjoy it like I had hoped.


He didn’t cry, he didn’t smile, he didn’t pout, he just sat there stone faced the entire time =(  I am glad that he didn’t fuss, but still, I would have loved to see him smile and splash like he does in his bath.

We spent the night with my parents so that we could make the most of our gas money.  This meant we got to swim two days.  He did the same thing the second day.  I guess he is still a  little too young to really enjoy the pool.  Plus the water was just a little cooler than his bath water normally is.












Here is a picture of me and him before swimming, as you can tell I am super excited. Swim day


Advice: Don’t get to disappointed when your baby doesn’t respond to new things like you want.