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Wednesday our son had his 2 month check-up (a little late because the doctor went out of town.). Anyway, the night before I put our baby to bed and went to sleep.  Six hours later I woke up and he was still asleep, I checked on him and thought “he will be up anytime.”  At this time six hours was the longest he had ever slept at a time so I went back to bed.  Three hours later I woke up and he was still sleeping!  For you non- math people this was 9 hours!  I sort of freaked out!  And I couldn’t wait any longer to feed him so I woke him up and fed him.  Then I pumped 7 ounces!  (See why I couldn’t wait any longer!).

Thankfully we had the doctor’s appt.  I asked her if it was okay for him to sleep that long and she laughed and said yes.  But it can be scary the first time it happens.  Scary indeed!

Since then he has gone to sleep with relative ease and has slept at least six hours.  Last night he would have slept longer but my husband had a bad dream and had to pick him up before leaving for work.  How could I say no?  Of course I knew that meant I was going to have to feed him, but it had been seven hours, so I needed it anyway.

I am not really sure how I feel about him sleeping through the night.  I mean, it is great to get actual sleep.  But I tend to wake in some sort of a panic if I haven’t heard him in hours.  You have had stories right?  SIDS scares me!  I do everything they think prevents it : sleeping on his back, no loose blankets, pillows, or stuffed animals.  But still, every time it has been more than three hours, terrible thoughts go through my mind.  I normally lay really still in bed hoping to hear him make some sort of noise before I go in to check.

The picture is from a few days ago.  This kid can break any swaddle I put him in.  (Notice his hands.)  Again, that makes me nervous so after this I have swaddled him with his hands out.  For some reason the sleep sack does not have the same effect for him as a swaddle.  I don’t know.  Pretty soon he will be rolling over and I will probably stop swaddling all together because that will bring on an entire new set of SIDS fears…him rolling onto his stomach and not being able to move.  He has great head control and moves it from side to side and can lift it while on his tummy, but that will not stop me from worrying.

Advice: Be prepared to freak out the first time they sleep through the night!  It is very scary.