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Our world has righted itself, finally!  After two years of my husband working nights he is finally on days.  It has only been a week and already I feel like every aspect of our life has improved.  Our marriage feels stronger, our sleep is more restful, our meals are more relaxed, even the time we spend apart is better.

It had been so long since we had gone to bed together.  Even on nights that he didn’t work he would stay up and I would go to bed alone =(. Going to bed together gives us a chance to talk, do a Bible devotion, pray, and cuddle together.

Now, if my baby would just get his days and nights figured out we would be good.  Right now he goes to sleep between 12 and 2 and sleeps until 10 or 11 (waking for a few feedings.). We are working on getting him onto the right schedule, but it is harder to adjust a baby’s schedule.

I can’t believe that it took a huge argument to make a decision for him to go to days.  It is has been one of the best decisions we have made.

I started this blog to talk about living with a baby, sometimes it seems living with my husband is a bigger topic than my baby!  Sorry =)

Advice: Go to sleep together every night.  It will be amazing at how well you feel when you wake up after a good night sleep next to your spouse.