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We did it, we got a sitter (my parents) and went on a date without our baby.  On the way my husband looked back to the back seat and said it was weird to be going somewhere without our baby in the backseat.  It was.  But it was so nice.  And it was needed.  Of course we got dressed up, you can never have too many excuses to dress up.  My mom seemed impressed that I was able to wear the dress from my wedding rehearsal almost 4 years ago.  I am so thankful that I lost my baby weight really fast.

There were babies every where!  As we were walking in to the restaurant there was a cute little family walking out with a little baby boy.  During our meal a family came in with a little baby girl.  I guess you notice them more when you are without your own.

I was a little worried leaving him because he hadn’t been taking bottles well.  So we planned it so that we left right after a feeding and would get back about 30 mins after when he should eat again in case he wouldn’t take the bottle.  He did really good though and took the bottle.  We were even able to go shopping a little.  Hobby Lobby =)

I hope we are able to go on dates every month.  It is so important for our marriage.  My parents have pushed to importance of date nights since we were married, even before the baby.  How right they are.  I hope to never stop dating my husband.  Getting dressed up and going out made me feel like when we were just dating and being with him was the only thing that mattered.

Advice: Don’t let a baby stop you from dating your spouse, get dressed up and go out, even if it is just for an hour.