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102_3268 102_3256It amazes me that the last month of pregnancy was the longest month of my life, yet the last two months have flown by so fast!  I can’t believe how much my son changes everyday.  He is learning new things constantly.  His grandparents get to see him about once a week and they really point out the changes every time.  Being with him everyday I don’t notice them as much until I look at a picture taken a few days/weeks earlier.  My little man is growing up!

I know a lot about child development thanks to my college and from working in an Early Head Start center.  My husband is always asking, when will he…  I don’t always know the answer but I make something up to sound smart!  But I don’t want him to grow.  I am perfectly fine with him just laying there smiling at me.  I am not ready for him to be able to roll over, talk, eat table food, etc.

Nothing has really changed in the likes/dislikes area so I won’t update it.

He does laugh now, which is super cute.  He was laughing for me today and I called my husband in, but the time Cory got there he had the hiccups and couldn’t laugh.

Tonight we are staying the night for the first time at my in-laws house.  So far so good, as my son put himself to sleep in the play pen without crying.  Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.  I am going to garage sales =) and to a picnic play date!  My sister-in-law is going to baby sit for me.  This will be the first time someone has watched him not at my house.  I hope it goes okay.  My husband is helping his father work on his roof.  If the weather is nice enough and time permits I am going to go to my parents to catch some sun at their pool.  The water will be too cold for me, but I can lay on the deck.  The only difference for me in laying on the deck and “swimming” is I am on the deck and not a raft floating on the water.

It is going to be so nice to have my husband on a day schedule.  Today we went for a walk at 9 in the morning!  It was so nice.  Except for the fact that it was trash day and we kept crossing paths with the truck.  It would stink up the entire block!

Advice:  Don’t be afraid of doing things just because you have a baby.  Go places, get a baby sitter if you need or take the baby with you and allow more time.  If you chose to only go places that will be easy to take a baby you will never get out of the house!