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Today was a great day!  Last night my son slept pretty well.  Which meant I did too!  We got up and went shopping with my sister and mom.  My mom must be pretty funny looking as my son laughed at her several times =). I have gotten a few random giggles (esp. when he is sleeping) but nothing as consistent as today.

It feels good to have a good day.  I even went on a walk with a neighbor that has a little boy.

Right now I am waiting for him to wake up and want to eat, it could be any time.

Also, it is my husband’s last night of work, Sunday he goes to days!  I am so thankful he will now be home to tuck me in every night =). He has worked nights for two years now, I thought I wouldn’t survive that first night, and here I have survived two years.  Thank you to my family and friends that calmed me down those times I was just sure someone was in my house! I am not sure how many calls I made, but they are over now.

Advice: Cherish the time you have with your family.  They get fewer and far between as you grow up, move away, and start a family.