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imagesWe took our son to get his 2 month immunizations today.  He had to get three shots =(  My husband held his legs down for the nurses, and my baby cried so hard!  I felt really bad for him.  Thankfully he calmed down really quickly after being picked up.  However; a few hours later, after waking from a nap he was uncontrollable.  He has never cried so hard for so long without anything calming him down.  I even tried feeding him, but he was too upset to eat.

I have never been one to call the doctor with every little thing, but the nurses told me to call if we were unable to calm him, so I did.  I didn’t actually know how to “call the doctor” after hours.  I called the clinic number that I had and on the message it had a number to call.  I left a message and they had the on call doctor give me a call.  He kind of sounded annoyed that I bothered him with something like that, but it was my baby and he needed help!  The doctor told me to give him infant Tylenol.  He said to ask the pharmacist for dosing amounts.  So I called Wal-Mart and talked with the pharmacist, he said he couldn’t legally tell me how much to give a child under 6 months!  So now I had a screaming baby, no Tylenol (I was headed to the store to get some), and no idea how much to give him once I got the medicine.  I was quite frustrated at this point.

I have never been so thankful for the internet!  As a last resort I looked up dosing amounts.  I really wanted to hear it from a Doctor, but I guess the World Wide Web would have to do.  I know that you have to be careful about information you get from the internet so I checked several sites before giving him any.  My husband was able to get him to calmed down while I was at the store and I was able to give him the medicine.  He still ran a low-grade fever, but it didn’t get over 100°.  Since then, it seems he isn’t in pain like he was.  It has been over 4 hours since giving him any meds, so we will see if he needs more.  Hopefully he is so wore out that he sleeps well tonight.

Here is a link to a dosing chart for Tylenol.  Always check with your pediatrician before giving an infant any medicine.  http://assets.babycenter.com/ims/Content/acetaminophen_dosage_chart.pdf

Advice:  Find out from the doctor how much Tylenol to give your child before taking him to get shots.