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Yesterday was a day of great anticipation, for today I was going to do something I hadn’t done in years: go to garage sales!  But to my great disappointment I woke up to rain!  I chose not to let it damper my spirits and went anyway!  Thankfully I have a good friend that was going with me.  She was nice enough to stay in the car when the rain was really coming down so that we didn’t have to get the baby out in the cold rain.

Here is what I got:
*5 pairs of pants   *1 pair of shorts
*1 pair of bibs  *1 summer outfit
*1 onesie  *1 sleep gown
*2 dress-up vests (12 mo & 24 mo.)
*1 mirror toy that plays music
*1 giggle pig (I actually got one of these for my nephew last Christmas, I laugh every time!)
*1 purse  *1 Brita water pitcher (w/ 2 filters)
*11 sippy cups  *misc. child proofing items
*1 toddler tie  & *1 commemorative HLG Mt. Dew can

Can you believe I got all of that for just $20?

I am so glad that we went.  I think I might have to keep my eye open for another opportunity to go.  With our busy schedule it was so nice to have a Saturday free.

Advice: Don’t let rain change your plans, you can adapt them slightly and still enjoy the day!