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My baby was just five weeks old when I walked into his room to feed him and he smiled at me.  Not the “I am smiling because I have gas” smile, but a “I see you” smile.  Man did it melt my heart.  Over the next week he really started to smile more on purpose.  A few times he even giggled.  Of course every time I tried to catch a smile on video he wouldn’t do it.  I did get a good picture though.

The bigger I smile at him the bigger he smiles back.  I am sure I look like a big dork, but it is worth it to see him smile.

I was glad I got to see the first smiles and not Grandma (who he smiled at later that day).  I am one of those parents that will be jealous if he has a “first” with someone else.  I know I will miss stuff, but when you are a stay-at-home mom you expect to be there for everything.

Advice:  Respond to every smile.  The more response he gets the more he will smile.