Traveling 4 hours away with a six-week old was not my idea, trust me.  My husband’s cousin was getting married and he had a day of vacation left to use and insisted we go.  I told him that it would be horrible and I did not want to.  This is one time where he got his way.

His aunt and uncle told us we could stay at their house, they had a crib and everything.  I am not sure we would have survived if we had to stay in a hotel, or should I say the other guests wouldn’t have survived.

Thankfully though the trip went great!  I allowed 5 hours to get there, and we used every second, walking into the wedding only minutes before it started.  The ride home took even longer, 5 1/2 hours to get home.  Not really sure why, maybe just because we were not in as much of a hurry so I took longer at each stop.  He likes to sleep in the car, so unless he was hungry, he was asleep.  He has a little seahorse that lights up and plays music, I think I will keep it in the car at all times.  It helped to put him back to sleep after eating.

The wedding was beautiful and in the end I was glad we went.

Advice:  Allow at least extra 30 minutes for every two hours of drive time.