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Now that the first month is under my belt I finally feel like I have some of it figured out.  My baby has night and day figured out (for the most part) and will give me at least one 4 hour segment of sleep at night, as opposed to 2 hours.  By the end of the month he was putting himself to sleep in his crib.  I would feed and change him, swaddle him, and lay him down.  After just a few minutes of fussing (not screaming) he would be asleep.  He still has his occasional bit where he would scream and I would have to hold him, normally for several hours until the next feeding.  I would say that at least 75% of the time he was soothing himself to sleep, which allowed me to get more rest.

During the first month we got into a feeding routine.  Some times I would choose not to go with the routine and would regret it about 20 mins. later.  He feeds on one side, I change him, and then feed him on the other side.  Changing him the middle would wake him up enough to feed on the second side and get full.  When I would choose to either not change him then or to lay him down before feeding on the second side he would wake up a lot sooner and need fed again, and it would throw the entire system off.

At just a couple weeks old he started to hold his head up =)  Not a lot but it started to make it a little harder to burp him because he would pull back.  His doctor said he might roll over early, we will see.

My little piggie gained 3 lbs from his discharge weight by his one month check-up.  This is a really good sign as I can continue solely breastfeeding and I don’t have to supplement.  I do pump once a day to allow my husband to feed one feeding when he is home.  I made the mistake of not pumping a few nights while he was at work, and then when I started again I wasn’t getting as much.  I learned that I need to pump regardless.  Also, because he didn’t eat from a bottle for almost a week he seemed to forget how, which was very frustrating for my husband.  I have promised him that I would feed some bottles while he was at work so that he continued to be used to them.

Other than sleeping, eating, pooping, and crying the first month is really a month of adjustment for you and baby.  We did a lot of learning, what he likes and doesn’t.  We had an issue with diaper wipes and creams giving him really bad diaper rash so we had to switch to wet paper towels and Vaseline.

Advice:  Find a feeding and changing routine and stick to it!