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The commercials will try to make you think that their diaper is the best, but is it?  I have tried basically every brand of diaper including store brands.  I have found some that I hate and others that I am still not sure about.  Here is my rating of diapers with explanation:

#5–Pampers–I only had one bag of newborns thankfully!  I hated these, they had a mesh liner that I think was to keep the wet off the baby’s bottom, but all it did was stick to his bottom.  It made it hard to clean.

#4–Huggies Newborns–I had no luck with the newborns that came from the hospital and that were given to me.  Every time I had him in Huggies he would leak or poop through.  I was not having this problem with other newborn diapers so I decided it was the brand.

#3–Generic–I have been using the Parent’s Choice brand (Wal-Mart) and don’t care for them too much.  We used this brand where I worked and on the bigger sizes I didn’t have a problem with them and thought they worked great.  Now my baby is in size 1 and they just seem really rough and uncomfortable.  These are by far the cheapest and I might use them once my baby gets bigger and you get fewer diapers for your dollar.

#2–Huggies size 1–I don’t have the same problem with the size 1 that I was having with the newborns.  They have this neat little poop shield in the back to keep it from going up the babies back, but it doesn’t work.  Good idea, but not functional.  I also am not sure if he is allergic to the Huggies yet, it seems he gets a small rash when wearing them, but I have not come to any conclusion.

#1–Luvs–Live and learn, then get Luvs!  I really like Luvs.  They seem to contain all messes and are comfortable.  They also didn’t seem to aggravate his bottom at all.  Luvs gets my vote!  These are also more affordable than Huggies and Pampers, which makes them even better.

Unfortunately, Huggies seem to be the brand to give as gifts so I have a lot of those to use and won’t buy Luvs until they are out.  I guess that is okay.

Advice:  Buy Luvs! =)