Baby Girl Six Months

Riley 0-6Huge milestone!  We have made it to six months of baby girl growing and learning.



Current Likes:  Baby oatmeal, chewing on everything, sitting up and looking around, pulling hair, being tickled, and looking at Daddy.

Current Dislikes:  Being hungry or tired.

Current Accomplishments:  Sitting up unassisted!  Bringing a toy to your mouth with both hands, chewing on her feet, and starting on solid food.

Halloween 2018


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I love making my kid’s Halloween costumes!  My son got into Pokémon this year and with a baby it was the perfect time to have Ash and Pikachu!


For Pikachu I made a yellow sleeper with snaps.  I made the tail and filled it with a piece of chair foam.  The tail snaps on so I could take it off for the carseat!  The ears were also filled with chair foam.  That gives it more stability than just using stuffing.  I used felt to make the face on the hat.  It was a lot of fun to make!

For Ash I used a blue t-shirt and added white felt where needed.  The hat was red and I added the white to that as well.  The gloves are gray gloves that I cut the fingers off and then sewed on some red material.

I did make Snow White’s headband using an old red t-shirt.

It doesn’t take much to make really cute costumes for kids.  Just a little imagination and some time.  The second is hard to come by sometimes!

Happy 4th Birthday Baby Girl


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Yay! for fun birthday parties.  For our girl’s fourth birthday we celebrated with owls.  She has started to love owls and has several owl stuffed animals.  I spent so many hours making a pinata for her party.  And many hours decorating the cake.  The shirt was fun to make too!

Current Likes:  Owls, her baby sister, Netflix, playing Barbies and house, chocolate everything, and doing crafts.

Current Dislikes:  Brushing her teeth with toothpaste, washing her hair, going to bed, and anything vanilla.

New Accomplishments:  Riding her bike with training wheels, counting to 11, naming some letters, many gross motor skills, and swimming with arm floats and a little without.

Turning 5


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My son turned five and I never posted anything about it.  Oops.  We had a lot of fun at his How to Train Your Dragon birthday party.  Here are a few pictures.  I love making the cake and a special birthday shirt.

His cake was an ice cream cake!  I made it myself.  It has been so long I can’t remember where I got the recipe for the icing, but the cake is just two halves of tub ice cream.  I did half chocolate and half white.

Current Likes:  Dragons, Netflix, crafts, imaginative play, being with his sister, and preschool.

Current Dislikes:  –It has been too long for me to remember this part…

New Accomplishments:  Learning more letters and counting to 11, many gross motor skills including riding a bike with training wheels.

Baby Roo Three Months and Four Months



I am determined to keep up on baby #3’s baby book as well as the others.  It is very very hard.  I am now two months behind already.  She will be five months old in a few days!

Three Months Old

Baby Roo has started to put on a little more weight.  Not much, but enough that the doctor is no longer concerned.  I am thankful I never had to supplement or wake her up at night to eat.  She is still sleeping pretty well through the night.  Yay!

Current Likes:  Being sang to, being talked to, bath time,  and sleeping.

Current Dislikes:  Tummy Time, being left alone in a room that is not her bedroom, and having her face touched.

New Accomplishments:  Holding head up while sitting, lifting head off the floor a little more while on her tummy, grasping toys, and laughing.

Four Months Old

Baby Roo has started putting on a lot more weight.  She has started to wake during the night and eat!  Oh no!  The three-month growth spurt hit hard.

Current Likes:  Bath time is her favorite!, looking at Daddy, and singing.

Current Dislikes:  Being held while you are sitting down and being tired.

New Accomplishments:  Full belly laugh, rolling onto her side from her back, staying awake for much longer amount of time during the day, and reaching and grabbing toys and bringing them to her mouth.

Pokémon Checklist

I created this checklist to keep track of the 800+ Pokémon cards.  This list only includes Pokémon, it does not include trainer cards.  The pages might print out-of-order, sorry.  I know there are probably some typos in the post.  I will edit it as I find them, but I was not spell checking as I went along.


Pokémon Checklist

Example Page

Baby Girl #2-Two Month

Our second baby girl is now two months old.  These last two months have flown by and have been wonderful.  Baby Roo (for the sake of convenience I am trying to figure out what to call her for the blog,) has been such a good baby and a perfect fit for our family.

Current Likes: Sleeping, being carried laying down-like a football, being sung to, and eating.

Current Dislikes: Being hungry or tired.

New Accomplishments: Smiling!  Better head control.

We seriously love this little girl.  Her big brother and big sister just adore her.  They love holding her and kissing her.  They often sing to her and tell her how adorable she is.

Froggy Story Hour


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I always have so much fun creating a fun and engaging story hour.  I am glad I only have to come up with two a month!

Froggy books are so much fun to read.  I really getting into them when I read.  They don’t make the words long and bold for nothing!

For this story hour I read four different Froggy books.  Froggy Builds a Tree House, Froggy Plays in the Band, Froggy Gets Dressed, and Froggy Learns to Swim.

To get them started we read Froggy Learns to Swim.  I just love saying “bubble, bubble, toot, toot…”  Funny story, my son was saying this to my husband.  Well, he was trying to distract his dad from bedtime, and my husband says, “You are just making up words now!.”  I came in and saved my son from being in trouble.  I might have laughed a little.

We then sang “Five green and speckled frogs.”  This year I am trying to include more music or finger plays.

It was completely the wrong season for Froggy Gets Dressed, but I did it anyway!  I created felt pieces for Froggy and each item of clothing.  I put magnets on the back of Froggy so it would stay up (I used a small pan.)  While reading the story I let each child put on and take off an item of Froggy’s clothing.  The kids got to be involved in the story!  It took a little work because our group is mainly two year-olds, but they just had to be reminded to only take their item and they did great!  I got the idea here, but I made a much simpler version.

For the activity we made musical instruments and had a parade!  This was inspired by Froggy Plays in the Band.  I got all my instrument ideas from How Wee Learn.  These were really easy to make (the tambourine was the hardest) and then we got to march around the library making noise!

Our snack was flies and juice.  Okay, I didn’t actually feed them flies!  We had raisins.  A few kids pretended they were flies and a few thought that was gross.

While they ate snack I read the last book.  I always try to pair each part of story hour with a different book, and then I have some extras to read if there is time and if the kids are listening.

I think the kids really enjoyed this story time.  They really listened well and I got to read all the stories I had planned.  When you have a young group like we do you have to adapt and be ready to throw the plan out the window! Hope these ideas help you have fun with “Froggy” books!