Turning 30 

Today was my 30th birthday.  I keep wispering the word “30” as if it is a bad word.  A lot happened in my twenties.  I met and married my husband, graduated college, moved four times, gave birth to two children, had two miscarriages, got a dog, worked at two different Head Start locations with two different jobs, quit said job to become a stay-at-home mom, participated in the wedding of two of my siblings, and so much more.  

I am not one to handle change well, but I survived all the changes my twenties challenged me with, I know I can handle anything my thirties throw at me.

In celebration of my birthday I made salsa with my son, did some sewing, had a nice supper that I didn’t have to cook, got some thoughtful gifts from my children, and went on a family walk.  I tried to enjoy the day as best I could.  I had to remind my kids “it is my birthday today” several times.  I kind of wish there was something I could say tomorrow to encourage good behavior!

My son made me a birthday card.  I have been working with him on writing his name.  He was doing pretty good with a model, but today he wrote it all by himself!  I was so proud of him.  (I would put a picture, but I have tried really hard to keep my kid’s names off my blog, so I won’t.)

He was also really sweet and wished me a happy birthday a lot and sang to me several times.  He also blew out one of my candles!  He is a little ornery. 

I guess turning 30 isn’t the end of the world, and I am looking forward to all that the next ten years can offer.

Dr. Seuss Story Hour


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I loved the crafts and activities for our Dr. Seuss Story Hour.  I based our craft off “The Shape of Me and Other Stuff” and our activity was from “10 Apples up on Top.”

We read several Dr. Seuss books.  After reading “10 Apples up on Top” we tried to balance “apples” on our head.  We used red pom-poms.  I was wearing a giant Cat in the Hat hat and I was surprised how well the apples stayed on!  I was able to get ten to stay on my hat.

We made a file folder game for the activity.  I had printed and cut out different Dr. Seuss characters.  I printed a colored sheet of the characters and laminated it.  Then I placed it on top of a black piece of construction paper and cut the shapes out at the same time.  When I was done cutting I had a colored picture and a plain black shape of each character.

The kids glued the black shapes onto the file folder (I covered it with packing tape) and then it became a matching game.

The “shapes” on the file folder.

Matching game

Here is a PDF of the characters to print, The Shape of Me and Other Stuff.

Our story hour has a lot of little ones, so I always try to plan my activities based on their ages.  I really liked that this craft wasn’t just something to take home and throw away.  We have ours with our books at home and my kids love playing with it.

Sewing-Airplane Pillow

We were riding in the car.  From the backseat my son tells me he wants me to make him an airplane pillow.  He shows me how it needs to have wings “like this,” he says.

I have no clue what gave him this idea.  I loved that he had so much   confidence in me.  He knew I could do it.  So I got to work.  

I gave him a few choices of material from my stash.  He chose the soft blue.  I made a pattern, which was kind of hard.  What does a plane look like again?  I actually had to Google pictures to help get the shape!  

The shape didn’t turn out perfect.  I think I made the wings a little too long.  He likes it, that is what matters.

I think it looks like a shark.  I wish I had material with planes on it, but at least I had a blue so it isn’t pink!

Pure Joy


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On my son’s actual birthday I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  We put a candle in it and sang “Happy Birthday.”  Well, being the four-year old he is, he kept blowing the candle out.  So I would re-light it.  He thought it was just so funny!  I love that I was able to capture pictures that show his joy in the moment.

I love how kids can find such joy in the little things.

Silly Faces


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I am not photogenic.  Ever.  I hate getting pictures taken of me.  I especially hate silly face pictures.  I never make a silly face for them, I just smile, which looks really stupid.  But, my kid’s can bring out the best in me, sometimes.  We were sitting at the table making silly faces and I took our pictures.  It was fun.  It was me letting a little guard down and being real.

My kids both look so happy in these pictures.  Is making faces that much fun?  Probably not.  Is having Mom being silly fun?  You bet!

I love that I can spend so much time with my children, but I sometimes take it for granted.  I don’t intentionally spend time with them.  I am not always as present as I should be.  But not at that moment.  That moment was all about them and being silly together.  I love that.  I have been challenged (on a couple different instances lately) to be more intentional in my parenting.  This was me, being intentional with fun!

Turning 4

Our boy has turned four.  The last year went by very fast.  He has grown so much!  He will definitely be tall like his father.  He loves to eat because he gets to tell us “I grow up,” and we pretend to be upset about it and he assures us that he will be tall like Daddy.  And I know that it is true.  I am not excited about the day he towers over me.


Our little guy is all boy.  He loves to fight and kick and knock things over.  He also loves to dance and show off his new moves.  He has good body control and can almost do a cartwheel!  He also loves to jump off everything.


Current Likes:  Fighting, dancing, Netflix, coloring, crafting, playing in sand, playing on the swing set, helping bake, sprinkles on everything, catching “super cat speed” or “energies,” and pretend play.

Current Dislikes:  Wearing shoes and pants he can’t do himself (jeans.)

New accomplishments:  Mastering his fighting and dancing moves, riding a scooter short distances, and drawing people with heads, eyes, legs, and mouths.


Keep growing kid!  I love getting to experience life with you and your amazing imagination.

2nd Year Baby Girl


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Happy second birthday!  I still cannot believe we have been together for two years.

Hazel 0-2.png

To help me keep up-to-date with the kid’s baby books I like to blog about the important milestones.  I then print it and put it in the baby book.  However, I get behind even this way.  So I am writing this late, but better than never.

Our little girl turned two.


Current Likes:  Babies and more babies.  This girl loves to play with baby dolls and hold real babies.  If she doesn’t have a baby near she will turn any toy into a baby!  Playing with play dough, coloring with markers (not crayons!,) swinging, macaroni and cheese, mushrooms, chocolate milk, and her “Bubba.”

Current Dislikes:  Getting her hair done and leaving it done, getting in the sand box, and any food with hamburger.

New accomplishments:  Potty trained (almost,) saying a few more words, and large motor skills like jumping and throwing a ball (right handed.)



Her personality is coming through in this picture.  She is very serious, I guess you would say, most of the time.  She loves to smile and laugh, but that is not her natural expression.  She is a lot like her mom in this way.

Happy birthday!

Wonder Woman Costume


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I know it is now February, but I just realized I never posted about Halloween!

My son chose to wear a hand-me-down store bought Spider-man costume, so I won’t even include a picture!  But to go along with Spider-man I made a Wonder Woman costume for my daughter.

I absolutely loved her costume!


I used felt to make the Wonder Woman sybol and I sewed it onto her shirt.  I also used felt for the headband, arm bands, and the stars.  The boots are made out of felt material also, but not the felt squares.

I love using felt for costumes!  It is so versatile and easy to use.

The skirt is made out of tulle and elastic.  I just cut pieces of tulle a little more than twice as long as I wanted the skirt and then tied it on the the elastic.  It took two rolls of tulle to make the skirt.  I then sewed felt stars onto it.

The boots were the hardest thing to make.  I used my pattern from making the Jake boots and just adjusted the size.  I wanted these taller and her feet are smaller.  I put a piece of elastic inside that goes under her foot and inside the shoe to hold the boots in place.

My favorite part of the costume is the cape.  I just love how it turned out.


I used silk material to make the cape.  To make the segments I measured out the entire cape onto paper I tapped together to be large enough.  Then I fold the paper in half and in half again.  I then cut it apart.  One of these segments became the red.  I then cut another segment in half again to make the blue and white segments.  I used my paper pattern to cut out the segments and sewed them together.  I cut a little extra on each piece for seam allowance.  For the bottom and edges of the cape I just used a lighter and melted it instead of hemming.

I made button holes on the cape and sewed buttons on the shirt to attach it.  I thought that would hold it in place better than tying it on.

I always have fun making the costumes.  I really love this one and will probably keep it forever!

“Baby” Girl’s 2nd Birthday


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We had a Peppa Pig birthday party!  Even though none of the guest had any idea who Peppa Pig is, they all went all with the theme and enjoyed the decorations.

Starting off I sent out this invitation:


It was a little silly, but I had to go along with the naming game of the show.  Peppa Pig, Rebecca Rabbit, Danny Dog, etc.  To get the pictures I watch the show on the computer (Youtube) and screen shot what I want.  Then I use Microsoft Word to edit out what I don’t want and I arrange it on the picture.  I send the invitations out via Facebook and I send one in the mail to anyone who doesn’t have Facebook.  This saves me money and it is handy because the recipient doesn’t lose the invitation.

I love making a special shirt for the birthday child.  I used felt and iron adhesive to attach it to the shirt.  I did add some embroidery floss for embellishment.

dscn3917 dscn3906

I just love her smile in the picture of her sitting down.  To make the shirt I printed out a picture of Peppa.  I then cut it apart (head, dress, arms, etc.) and used those pieces to cut out the felt.  The embroidery floss really made it look like Peppa!

I decided to do a cupcake cake for her.  I wasn’t too optimistic about it because I  have the hardest time getting my icing the right consistency.  But I think it ended up looking really cute!

dscn3896 dscn3892

I decorated the table with a green table cloth to look like grass, a piece of craft paper to look like a muddy puddle, and I placed the cake in the muddy puddle.  I also sprinkled chocolate chips around to look like she had jumped in the mud.  The cups are designed to look like you have a pigs nose when you drink.


I had a few games at the party.  I printed a picture of Peppa, cut off the nose and laminated it for “Pin the nose on Peppa.”  I then printed out a nose for each of the kids.  We also got to jump in muddy puddles!  I just cut craft paper out and used double stick tape to keep it in place.  The games are never a big deal at the parties but I still like to have some sort of activity if the kids want.  They normally just want to play with toys!

dscn3933 dscn3928

My daughter wasn’t too sure how to eat the cupcake, or she just thought you always stick your face in your cake on your birthday!


I will leave you with a cute picture of her blowing out her candles.